Label Claims Validation

As we know that product labeling is a must for its effective entry into Indian Market. Now a days label claims are the Labeling errors are a common cause for product recalls due to misbranding and miss leading claims. It is also a main reason for the FSSAI queries and notices to numerous FBOs.Transparency between the FBO’s and the consumers can direct way for business growth with Safe and Compliant products.

It is very difficult to design a product label with all the compliances of mandatory requirementsand suitable label claims. Here, Astrid science comes up with the one point solution for your label designing and validation queries.

Label validation means designed product label in such a way that complained with regulation while keeping in mind that claims meeting your marketing goals. We review the labels careful to verify the presence of different regulation mandatory components like license number, elements, statement of identity, net contents, name and place of business, nutrition facts panel, ingredients list, allergen statements, type-size shelf life, logos, etc.

We also review the stated and implied claims, the safety of ingredients, compliance with food standards of identity, front-of-pack labeling etc.

We can also assist to validate the label claims for special categories foods and its ingredients such asMedical Foods,Foods for Dietary Uses,Dietary Supplements and Infant Formulas.